Fly Ins / Meetups:

2014 USPPA Convention

USPPA Does It Right: Fly-Ins are Meant to Be Fun!

This past weekend I had the opportunity to go to Florida and attend the 2014 USPPA Annual Convention and Palm Bay PAL Para Fly-In.Convention Sign

I got to meet Robert Katilla, and through his website VikingPPG.Com he sells some of the neatest new products to hit the PPG market in a while. He makes these cool multicolored polyurethane motor mounts.Robert Writing

Robert's Mount

Robert's Mounts Again

One of the coolest displays was put on by Paradrenalin for Nirvana Paramotors. I was thoroughly impressed!!!The Nirvana

I was quick to notice how much attention to detail Nirvana incorporates into their products. You can see it here by how the Instinct fits right into the top of the travel case!IMG_2614

I love how the carbon just “flows” off the Instinct!USPPA - IMG_2615

The paramotor simulator was a big hit!USPPA - IMG_2602

Fly Products paramotorUSPPA - IMG_2612

Paul Czarnecki of PlanetPPG.Com getting ready to launch with a studentUSPPA - IMG_2618

Ryan Shaw getting ready to launch. He was off the ground in 10 feet, no joke. Lots of power and 8mph windsUSPPA - IMG_2617

Jeff Goin teaching airspace for PPG pilotsUSPPA - IMG_2605

One of my favorite paramotors, the MiniPlane Top80

Soooo many pilots in the air!USPPA - IMG_2624

Your’s truly trying on the 39lb Air Conception paramotor… All titanium and carbon!USPPA - IMG_2604

Palm Bay sunsetUSPPA - IMG_2625

I wanted one of these for the garage but couldn’t find the maker 🙁USPPA - IMG_2623

USPPA - IMG_2621

USPPA President Jeff Goin behind the wheelUSPPA - IMG_2606