About Christopher

about-christopherChristopher has worn many hats in pursuit of life’s meaning. Aviation for him has always been about finding the right hat, and to achieving his life’s ultimate goal of finding True, Total Freedom. He believes life is about exploration.

He has been a fan of aviation for about as long as he can remember, having accumulated thousands of hours in many different types of aircraft, and today is a full time professional pilot. Additionally, he is also a long time photographer. He finds that photography is the single best medium for instantly conveying the karma of a situation, the mood of a scene, and the harmony of a moment… To Christopher it’s all about accurately transferring the energy present at the time.

Some hard introspection throughout life though revealed to Christopher that his whole intent for getting into aviation in the first place was to pursue, quite simply… The freedom that birds have. True, Total Freedom as he likes to call it. And that’s where powered paragliding came in. In all the flying he’s ever done, and in more than any other type of aircraft, powered paragliding was the clear winner in his freedom war. Simply put, for Christopher, powered paragliding is to flying what SCUBA Diving must have been to swimming. It is the very best way he know’s how to experience the True, Total Freedom he’s so dearly craved all of his life.

This website and it’s imagery will attempt to convey Christopher’s firsthand experiences, exhilaration’s, and life lessons from powered paragliding, all because he just want people to know how incredible it truly is to be as free as the birds, and to experience the world as they do.