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Lakeside Stride :)Christopher gets a lot of people using this contact page after they’ve finished visiting the site, wanting to get into powered paragliding but not knowing where to start. Additionally some just want to expand their photographic horizons with the paramotor. When Christopher himself started out in powered paragliding the issues were the same or worse for him. Unfortunately yes, this is a common dilemma in powered paragliding but we can say that luckily now the available avenues for pursuing it and good informational sources for getting educated about it are far too many to list. As the sport has grown tremendously over the last 5-6 years, this is all to the benefit of the new entrant. It’s never been a better time to get into the sport from a safety perspective either, as the technology behind it has increased tenfold since the sports early days. Since Christopher loves helping others to realize their dreams, he is happy to share tips on how and where to start. Feel free to contact him here. He also loves sharing experiences with fellow PPG pilots as well.

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