The Easiest Way to Fly!

The Easiest Way to Fly is Here

For a long time I’ve wanted to show how easily one can get into the sky with paramotors. The Easiest Way to Fly is my latest video and conveys that simplicity. But wait, don’t just simply huck yourself off your roof, watch this video first! 😉

If you live near some open land in an uncontested area which has legal airspace (a large part of the country), getting airborne is as easy as just loading some gear into your car and driving to your favorite launch. This of course comes after you’ve removed the paramotor and wing from their hanger (your garage and closet) and stopped for cheaper auto fuel, as opposed to aviation fuel.

Wait!!! Don’t just simply huck yourself off your roof!

So for the price of about $12 USD in gas, you get to experience the miracle of flight in one of the purist ways possible. I hope this video conveys that simplicity and how much fun this sport is. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me 🙂