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Electric Paramotor with Folding Prop

Electric Paramotors are the Future

This electric paramotor unit is called the Prix and is made by a company called Razebuss out of France. They have different variations and the specific unit you choose is based on how much thrust you want and of course how much you want to spend. Referencing their price list, their most powerful unit has 125lb | 57kg of thrust is going to cost you $11,534.02* | 8998.30€ without shipping and any import or duty taxes.

I have no idea as to the endurance ability of this unit, which may be my fault as I do not speak French so I wasn’t able to fully interpret their website. I do know that on average though electric paramotors do not have the endurance of their gasoline counterparts.

Over all, the entire electric concept looks very promising to me. I like the idea of a much reduced noise signature, most of all. The lack of a cage bothers me though. Having said that, I do not know if the prop is a fold and also “stow” where it tucks into a slot and out of the way as in some powered sail planes. It would appear as though that were the case from the look of the frame and lack of cage in the video above, although I did not see the prop stop and stow… Only stop.

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*Based on exchange rate at time of post…