Paramotor Radio:

Episode #16 – Complacency Kills & Site Updates

Overview: The Pitfalls of Complacency

I cover the subject of pilot complacency as it relates to paramotors and how it can bite!

Three Solutions to Overcoming Complacency

  • Leadership: Police yourself
  • Partnership: Foster strong partnerships in your flying partners
  • Scholarship: Continue educating yourself

Changes to ParamotorRadio.Com

iTunes, Apple Podcasts App, and all other Feed Readers

iTunes as well as all podcast apps and readers will automatically pic up the new feed, no re-input action is required on your part! There is a HTML 301 Redirect at the server root level, in other words all the goobly-goo required in switching the feed happens in the background, you have to do nothing except when your podcast app or rss reader picks up the new feed, just download the first new episode (Episode 16, soon to be released) published at http://www.FeatherLIGHTPPG.Com/feed/podcast/ in order to “set” the new address into your app/reader 🙂

New Link to Show Notes Obviously the show and it’s notes have to be published somewhere, this is that address. ParamotorRadio.Com (this site) will be completely redirected to that address at the end of August 2014.

Why the Switch?

In an effort consolidate multiple online entities into one, I’ve combined the Paramotor Podcast with FeatherLIGHTPPG.ComFeatherLIGHTPPG.Com is an online photoblog and record of my PPG experiences. Being a photographer, naturally I wanted a visual venue to share my PPG & PG related experiences. Managing and funding two separate websites seemed like overkill and with ParamotorRadio.Com’s renewal coming up I felt that in the best interests of both entities it would be better to combine them. Additionally, I’ve found that I haven’t been updating Paramotor Radio with episodes as a result of the disconnect between the two websites. My hope is that with the two websites combined now, I will be updating Paramotor Radio more often with new shows and new content. Thank you for your continued following.

The Facebook Page & Twitter Account

The Paramotor Radio Facebook Page & Twitter account will remain in place indefinitely, and I will continue updating them when new shows are released. This means I will also be updating the FeatherLIGHTPPG.Com Facebook Page and Twitter account with the same content as well, so hopefully it won’t be “social media bloat” but only time will tell what the best course of action on that front is.WP Cover Art Episode #16