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Episode #22 – Rational vs. Irrational Fear

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iPhone 6+ impressions after the first two weeks

  • Light & large, but not in a hindering way. Easier to use with a bigger screen then it’s predecessors
  • Optical video stabilization is really nice – It’s truly my first phone/video camera
  • Wonderful for video watching too
  • Apps easier to use than before, buttons spread apart and bigger
  • 128GB’s!!!!!! Nuff said 😉
  • Full photo collection: 6,000 images
  • Full music collection

Posting Your Conquering

  • Some advice on HOW you post – Since you’re gonna post anyway 😉

Irrational Fear vs Healthy Fear

  • Recent events have not precipitated a mood for flying: Tragedy, temperature, winds
  • What both fear’s are and the differences, instigators
  • When healthy fear becomes irrational fear, how to recognize it and how to stop it

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