Paramotor Radio:

Episode #23 – The Overly Worried Significant Other (OWSO)

WP Cover Art Episode #23

The Paramotor Pilot’s Home Life:

Which do you get from
your significant other…

Significant support

or significant heartburn?

The Rundown: New Show Format

Brand new show format, hope you like. Please give me some feedback here in the comments below or at Chris@ParamotorRadio.Com – Thanks!

As the Prop Turns

Today’s Topic of the Week is the Overly Worried Significant Other (OWSO), pronounced “Oh So…” 🙂

Top Story of the Week

PPG pilot Heidi Lee of Blackhawk Paramotor joins us to discuss  spousal comfort levels with PPG

Buttfan Follow-Up & Correction Section

How the subject of spousal comfort levels parleys into last week’s topic of rational vs irrational fear

Unresolved Problem of the Week

Endurance and the electric paramotor

Prop-wash Segment & the Closing Tip of the Day

The use of nail polish on paramotors: Check it out, it’s a nail biter 😉