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Episode #26 – How Much Automation is Too Much Automation?

Automation with Fans on Our Backs?

WP Cover Art Episode #26

As the Prop Turns

  • The question of automation is examined in depth ~ How much automation is too much automation, for such a simple sport?

Buttfan Follow-Up & Correction Section

  • New Online Store!
  • New Caller Feedback Line! 559-475-8751
  • Follow up to last week’s Closing Tip of the Day: When gapping your zip ties, make sure to use just silicone tubing, not silicone rubber tubing

Unresolved Problem of the Week

  • Self policing isn’t working

Prop-wash Segment & the Closing Tip of the Day

New! Online Store

New! Caller Feedback Line: 559-475-8751

  • The caller feedback line is now up! Feel free to leave me your feedback on the show – Please note that it may be used in future episodes!

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