Free Imagery for Your Display

This place could use a little wallpaper….

Here is some wallpaper to choose from for your display. Once you’ve clicked on the thumbnail and have the larger image on your display, just right-click on it and select “Save As…” or “Save Image As…”  I will be producing more imagery and adding extra content to this Page. My goal is to offer a beneficial source of higher resolution material that’s mutually agreeable to both the viewers and myself. On that note~ If you’d like to use the imagery for purposes other than for personal use, all you have to do is ask. Most likely I’ll say yes, but the simple act of asking can make all the karmic difference in the world 🙂

This is an image of a tandem instructional flight at an old airport that’s just about abandoned anymore. The asphalt and concrete that you see here was first poured more than 65 years ago during World War II, as this was originally a training base for new cadets. If they could only see what we are flying today!

Tandem Flight

Here is the same tandem paramotor as above, taken just before sunset. This image was stopped down to give it an extra dark feel, as it was shot around the same time as the image above – Just different camera settings were used.

Wallpaper - Sunset Tandem Flight

This is a fly by perspective image I shot from the ground. I used a telephoto lens to capture the shot, as getting too close to spinning propellers are dangerous!

Wallpaper - Fly By!

This is the same pilot just before the fly by above, during his takeoff run.

Wallpaper - Running into the Sky :)