Tips & Ideas:

Hang Check Device

Hang checks are a regular part of harness testing. After careful research into PPG simulator mechanics, all of my own options had run out. So instead, I decided to trust that the US Government would come up with a solution. Indeed they had. At most local parks is a PPG simulator, tax payer funded. Find the area of the park for exercise and calisthenics, and usually there will be pull-up bars. Use industrial strength tie down straps, making sure to run the nylon through your carabiners and not the strap hooks. The reason is the hooks can put too much force in one spot on the carabiner, thereby over stressing it – Not good. Make sure also that you have somebody with you to hold you steady as your climbing into your harness, as you’ll be surprised how fast things can go awry if one of the attachments comes undone.

hang check device