The Infinite Tumble Illustrated

Who Ever Knew Somersaults Could be This Exciting?

This particular maneuver is called the Infinite Tumble. It’s an almost self-perpetuating, 6 times the force of gravity rotation about the paraglider’s lateral axis, initiated and maintained by the pilot. The forces of gravity can reach as high as 9g’s. In 2012 Horacio Llorens did it 568 times in a row, setting the new world record in the process. Before that Max Marien had it with 374 tumbles (see video at bottom). Infinite Tumble PictureUp top is a video by U-Turn about it , and the fluidity with which this CG animation shows what’s going on inside of the tumbling paraglider is just incredible. Hat’s off to the folks at U-Turn for their attention to detail on this!

Horacio Llorens, setting the current world record: 568 Infinite Tumbles!

The Gift Wrap

A rather unfortunate possibility while exiting the tumble is that of falling into the glider, otherwise known as a gift wrap. People have died this way, unable to unwrap themselves from the glider before impacting the ground. I found a video of a “gift wrap” with a happy ending (get your mind out of the gutter), and I’ve included it below. It’s amazing to watch!

Max Marien’s previous world record of 374 Infinite Tumbles…