Native American Whispers

A Glimpse of Native American History

To anyone who wants to see the world in a better way, motorized paragliding is it. Every time I land, no matter if it was a flight like this or not, I feel closer to God. It is a spiritual experience, and “wow” is all I’m usually able to say. On one flight in particular last year though I was astounded on a new level. I discovered Native American grinding pits, echos of lives lived eons ago by those who came the area long before me.Native American Grinding PitsThese were remote mind you, only accessible by horseback or aircraft. To that end my discovery felt extra special; My magical flying carpet literally took me back in time. Below you can see a pic I took of my flying partner Ryan cruising low over the landscape. We often find ourselves low, it’s the only way to literally smell and taste the Earth.

Magic Carpet RideSpeaking of  the Earth, this is the landscape we called our playground on that day, and it’s where we discovered the ancient Native American grinding pits along the stream bed.

A "Montana" SkyThere are many stream beds around this area though, and not all of them have reminders of a Native American presence in the past. For a shot of this stream bed in particular, I thought it best to be directly overhead at around 100 feet. I pointed the camera straight down and just “ghost rode” the shot.

A River Runs Through It....This was on our way back to home base. Again I am following Ryan here as we’re both nearing the conclusion of another incredible adventure under our magical flying carpets.

Another Magic Carpet Ride