1930 Modern Mechanics Magazine

Modern Mechanics Magazine: Mostly Far Reaching Ideas But Not This One

Wow! What a find- Here is an issue of Modern Mechanics Magazine from October of 1930 and it has on its cover an early idea for a paramotor! It’s amazing to me that folks had thought of this so long ago, but it’s a pretty simple concept that one wouldn’t have all that much trouble imagining even in 1930. It certainly gives you introspection though on how far we’ve come and how long it’s taken. Old Modern Mechanics Magazine

“A PARACHUTE propelled by a two-cylinder gasoline motor is the latest safety device proposed to keep pace with the rapid development of the airplane. The idea, depicted on this month’s cover of Modern Mechanics magazine, was on the verge of an actual try-out by Buddy Bushmeyer, veteran parachute jumper, when he was killed in an airplane accident after he had gone up without a parachute for the first time in his long career as an airman. Bushmeyer, shown at the right with his parachute motor, was a firm believer in the practicability of the idea. He was convinced that the usefulness of the parachute can be greatly increased by the addition of a motor to give it the ability to travel laterally as well as vertically…

Have a look at the quote below. I find it ironic that many paramotors are still heavier than that today with fuel. All of this still reinforces how lucky I feel to be alive in this day and age though ~

“Total weight of the parachute motor, designed to be strapped rigidly to the jumper’s body, is kept to Something less than 75 pounds…”

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