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Paraglider Fabric is a Science

Making Paraglider Fabric is an Art

Here’s a great video from Porcher Sport Paraglider Fabrics about the science that goes into the bleeding edge materials which keep us aloft. Today’s paraglider fabrics are nothing short of highly advanced, carefully designed materials with high standards throughout their manufacturing processes; Processes which are incredibly automated by machines and robots working in unison with human oversight, especially where quality control is concerned.

In short, manufacturing paraglider fabric is very in-depth, so much so that it simply wouldn’t be possible without modern-day technology guiding the manufacturing. This is because the width of the strands of yarn used in paraglider fabrics is almost on microscopic levels. This 15 minute video is well worth the watch from an educational standpoint, and if you’re like me you’ll come away from it with a better appreciation for your wing the next time you take it out of its bag!

Porcher Sport – Manufacturing process of fabric for paragliding from Olivier on Vimeo.