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How a Paraglider is Made

Paraglider Manufacturing: Tedious Work

This is very interesting ~ Sky Paragliders has produced this video on how paragliders are made. It’s very well done. The process that goes into manufacturing paragliders is tedious and time consuming work as everything has to be precise. It wasn’t until seeing this video and others like it though that I realized just how tedious the process was. Literally it takes an army of skilled people working long hours with little rates of error to pull it all together. From start to finish the process can take as long as a month, and that’s not counting shipping. Of note worth mentioning is the packing – I don’t think I’ll ever get my paraglider packed as tight as it was when I initially got it from the factory. Of course they have a well oiled system for doing that there, but I’ll be darned if I haven’t tried to even come close.

Anyhow, this is a great video, so if you have some time it’s worth a watch.