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Paramotor Radio uses free technology known as RSS feeds that automatically sync with programs like iTunes. When there is a new episode released, iTunes or any other “podcast aggregator” will download the latest podcast to our computer, tablet, or smart phone. It makes it very easy to keep up with the newest episodes without having to keep going back to the website to check for updates. In order for this subscription technology to work on your smart device though, you’ll first need an app. There are several apps available and most of them are completely free. The benefit is that you can listen to episodes on the go, at the gym, in the car, or where ever, without ever having to worry about whether you’ve got the latest episode. Additionally there are literally thousands of free podcasts to choose from on everything from cooking to comedy.
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Paramotor Radio on iTunes

The show is available on iTunes via a free subscription. Click “View in iTunes on the left side below the graphic. Once in iTunes click on “Subscribe.”

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Click here to access the raw podcast rss feedRaw RSS Feed

You can use any feed reader to access the podcast RSS feed, although all feed readers may not be able to play the episodes. Might you be looking for the blog post feed instead?

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