Paramotors: True Freedom Machines

Any Freedoms Worth Having Are Worth Striving For

I’d been thinking a lot about freedom lately, and this morning’s mission was oozing at the seems with the typical epic-ness that permeates anything to do with paramotoring. It included one thing I’d not incorporated in a while though ~ a DSLR. I actually went aloft with this big camera.. A big, bulky, DSLR.

Freedom - Paramotor

I must say that it was my first time flying weight shift on a photo mission and I will never go back to straight J-bars for paramotor photography again! The leg shifting is very much akin to cruise control in holding headings, freeing both hands for the camera. The paramotor I currently fly has this capability.

Freedom - Paramotor Fuel

Of course the AM couldn’t start without the typical ingestion of the proper aviation fuels, and otherwise 😉

Freedom - Paramotor Vehicle

My car looks strange and lonely here.

Freedom - Crop Rows

I’m always perplexed when witnessing complex math in nature.

Freedom - Crop Rows with Tractor

Maybe he thought he saw a pterodactyl coming?

Freedom - Close up of Tractor

I couldn’t help but wonder how this was going to affect my health should I have breathed it in. But what does it do when you eat it on grapes?

Freedom - Road

Alright, I must confess. I’m a sucker for pathways.

Freedom - Road Close-Up

…and fun compositions.

Freedom - House

…and fun with exposures.

Freedom - Suburbia

Urban suburbia.

Freedom - Home

All good things must come to and end. I sit here getting ready to unload my gear, I am reminded of how easy it is to store my flying machine, not needing a hanger or even an airport, for that matter.