Fly Ins / Meetups:

PPG Meetup – March 26th, 2012

Meetup - Fly By!
We had a great PPG meetup this week. Kyle, Mike, Larry and his daughter Amanda, Zack, and myself all made it. Zack and Amanda are Mike’s students and both had lessons with Mike while we were there. Make sure to check out Mike’s awesome new video, “Zack Brown Goes Paragliding” below 🙂 The weather cooperated beautifully and by 5:45pm the wind had gone from around 4-6mph & basically circular to zero. A layer of residual but dissipating stratocumulous clouds added zing to an already incredible sunset and the temps definitely stayed in the PPG doable range, hovering in the low to mid 60’s. I was fortunately enough to get three short but incredibly satisfying flights in, the second of which seemed to require running the length of a football field to get off the ground but that’s a topic for another post lol 😉 By sunset we had decided that the best way to top off such a great evening of flying was to enjoy dinner together and that we did. Applebee’s was the spot as it was relatively close by and the atmosphere was certainly appropriate in spirit to how we were all feeling by then! Hangar stories and tales of personal experiences plus some great food topped off an already wonderful evening. Personally, for me it was especially neat as this was my first PPG meetup and the first time I’d ever seen a quad in person. All in all it was a great time to be had by everybody!

Meetup - Zack & Mike
Meetup - Zack and Mike Training
Meetup - Kyle running off the ground
Meetup - Kyle Launching
Meetup - Larry
Meetup - Larry's Quad
Meetup - Amanda & Mike
Meetup - Amanda & Mike
Meetup - Mike
Meetup - Kyle Overhead