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Review: Airspace & Law for Ultralights by Jeff Goin

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Oct/Nov 2014 Edition of Powered Sport Flying Magazine

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When I became a Certified Flight Instructor some 17 years ago, the same two topics which gave instructors and students heartburn then still tend to give everyone heartburn now. Well, not everyone mind you, but the point remains because it’s a valid one – Aside from perhaps, the subject of aircraft systems per-say, airspace and law have always been topics that students don’t particularly look forward to learning and instructors don’t particularly look forward to teaching. Why is this? Predictably, anything that has to do with restrictions in a realm of freedom are bound to be fraught with challenges to learning and teaching. This is probably just due to disinterest and boredom, and it also comes down to what many consider to be the “fun” and the “fun wrecking”. It doesn’t have to be that way, especially once ultralight pilots consider the power they hold in their hands. Airspace & Law for Ultralights 2 by Jeff Goin“With great power comes great responsibility” is a quote which in various forms can be attributed to quite a few people in history, but the late Stan Lee probably deserves the most credit. What we hold in our hands with PPG especially though is the power to take off and land like birds and then fly where ever we want, with very few restrictions. This is an incredible ability, and at the risk of sounding melodramatic, it IS a great power also; so by default there needs to be adequate responsibility coming with it. The question is how to present these responsibilities – how to learn them – with interest and concern while keeping the fun, light-hearted atmosphere we’re used to with ultralight flying. Other than from our instructors, the choices we have on learning these topics are limited to boring videos and/or adopting what’s on the internet to our immediate needs and then trying to piece it all together. This obviously hasn’t worked well. Additionally, our instructors are just as mystified by the lack of dedicated materials specifically for ultralights with regard to these topics. That is, until now.

“…With great power comes great responsibility” -Stan Lee

The Right Author Tackles A Much Needed Resource

Enter Jeff Goin. A well-known figure in powered paragliding for over a decade, Jeff brings a wealth of knowledge to the world of ultralights. He shares it through easy to digest material on video and in print. His book “The Powered Pargliding Bible” is a staple of just about every PPG flight school and his “Master Powered Paragliding” video series is both incredibly informative and enjoyable to watch – A critically important combination. Risk and Reward is probably the most watched DVD on powered paragliding, ever. So it was only a matter of time before Jeff applied his talents to producing a much needed DVD on Airspace & Law, and that such a resource had never been accomplished until now is a testament to how badly one was needed. In producing Airspace & Law for Ultralights, Jeff has done just that, and he has done it very well.

Serious Topics Can be Fun and Easy, if Presented Correctly

Airspace & Law for Ultralights 3 by Jeff GoinAs a flight instructor I can assert that the biggest challenge with presenting airspace to students is to get them to visualize it. Then you have to get them to identify it and what it’s restrictions are, but first you have to get them to VISUALIZE it. This is hardly an easy task with such a topic, if not because airspace is invisible, then for the reasons I stated earlier. So the only way to do it is to make it fun, as ultralights themselves are. You have to use plenty of visualizations, 3D graphics, and animated cross references correctly, in order to illustrate how these blocks of sky interrelate and directly affect what we want to do in our corner of aviation. Jeff has really mastered this in Airspace & Law for Ultralights. He has created countless animated 3D graphics which translate into small parts building up to the bigger picture. Once viewers have seen how Jeff illustrates the sky as a bunch of little sections making a bigger whole and how the pertinent parts of that directly affect them, an entirely new world of understanding opens up and the flames of interest are greatly increased. Jeff covers, in manageable detail, all the different types of airspace, their nuances, rules, and weather minimums in this way. Military and special use airspace are presented in an equally intelligent manner, simplified by bullet points on caveats which can especially affect us ultralight pilots. Jeff even manages to cover airspace topics which may not seem obvious but can still have great impact, such as TFR’s – Things some people would have never even thought to be concerned about. Again, the main problem with understanding airspace is that it’s invisible, but Jeff has overcome that brilliantly in this video.

With The Challenges of Airspace Comes the Ambiguities of Part 103

FAA LogoFlying ultralights goes way beyond the responsibilities of airspace though, and so no video on airspace would be complete without a compliment of truly interpretive material pertaining to the few but ambiguous laws which govern us. Besides robust 3D graphics and animation used in an easily digestible way where the airspace portions are concerned, the DVD has another section which makes it equally shine in my opinion. Jeff takes his comprehensive aviation experience and applies it in a basic, down to Earth way where interpreting how the different rules of Part 103 apply to us. He’s not afraid to state opinions on the typically “grey” issues (we’ve all had questions about) and does so from a standpoint that’s easy to digest. That method is used to help the viewer understand issues of what specifically defines an ultralight, where we can technically fly one, if we can do it commercially, how we can incorporate the air traffic control services available to us, how we can carry passengers, what kind of advertising we can and cannot do, and many others. In short, Jeff interprets Part 103 in a very informative and enlightening way which sheds light on all the ambiguous questions we’ve been asking each other about for years. All I can say is that finally someone has taken a stand, and how refreshing it is.

Airspace & Law for Ultralights is a Great Resource and a Must Have for Your DVD Library

In short what Jeff Goin has managed to do with Airspace & Law for Ultralights is shine the light of interest on typically boring topics which in the past have never been popular to learn or easy to teach. Finally the ultralight community has a resource which is not only informative but entertaining at the same time, and I highly recommend it for your ultralight DVD library.