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Salton Sea Paramotor Fly-In 2013

The Salton Sea May be Dying, But It Certainly Came Alive for a Few Days in February

Here are shots from the 2013 Salton Sea Paramotor Fly In. It’s an annual event held on the west side of the Salton Sea by Mike Robinson, owner of Paratoys, Blackhawk Paramotor & Velocity Paragliders. This year’s turnout saw almost 200 pilots from around the United States and a couple even from France. It was a good turn out with good people, good times, and lots of camaraderie 🙂

The event is held at an “accidental sea” in the middle of the California desert. It’s as unlikely a place for a paramotor event as it is for just about anything else. But when you do fly there, you appreciate the beauty this place offers from a unique perspective. I like to say that the Salton Sea is like noticing a beautiful woman from across the street (perhaps it’s better to stay across the street in her case). Either way, there are few places in the US to hold an event of this scale with flying conditions reminiscent of being on the ocean.

Be sure to check out “The Accidental Sea” at the bottom of this post for a wonderful movie about this unique place.










The Accidental Sea by Rans Riggs

Here is a great perspective on the current state of the Salton Sea, its history, and overall vibe. A great video if you have a minute.