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Saturday Evening Meetup with Friends

Meetups are What It’s All About

We had a great evening meetup on Saturday night. Bobby Rocco, Ryan Smith, Ed Lowder, Micah Carlson and myself met up around 3PM out at Fog Ranch under the graces of Dr. Fog – A very nice man for letting us use his property. I have been recovering from a nasty flu and pneumonia and wasn’t planning on flying too much if at all, however that changed fast. It’s always great to get a bunch of different kinds of gear out and compare, one of the reasons why we love having meetups so much

Below is the new MiniPlane Top80 Ed Lowder purchased recently from Chad Bastian in Santa Barbara. Behind that is his brand new Ozone Buzzy Power wing as Ryan Smith carves up the air in the distance. IMG_0907

Quite the assortment of vehicles as well; I think we had 5 cars total out there.IMG_0906

Bobby Rocco comes in for a landingIMG_0897

Micah Carlson poses for the camerasIMG_0893

Another pose from Micah_MG_0916

Bobby Rocco thinking about his impending launch_MG_0905

One for his wife 🙂_MG_0902


Micah laying out his wing – A Velocity Elektra_MG_0890

Micah getting ready to fly as Bobby works on his motor in the background_MG_0888

Ed Lowder installing cage guards on his MiniPlane_MG_0883

Ed’s car and paramotor