The Seat of My Soul

Literally, my little flying machine is the seat of my soul. I use it to get in touch with my creator. I’m just happy he continues to protect me up there so that I can show you a unique perspective like this.. The Earth is a spectacular place, and should be shown off as such. As long as he protects me, I’ll continue to go up there and get pictures for you like these.

Soul Creek 2
In the shot above, I waited for that lone car to get to just the right place before touching the camera’s shutter, hoping to inject some much-needed technology only to stand in stark contrast to the landscape.

Soul Creek 3
This is Sumner Hill, our local wealth enclave. The folks up here don’t seem to come outside much, I guess when you live in houses this big there’s no need to leave 🙂

Soul Creek 4
The beautiful San Joaquin River, with grape orchards running along its western side. It’s banks are literally lined with ancient Native American grinding pits.

Soul Creek 5
This is looking south, north of Madera and east of highway 41. What caught my attention was mainly the cloud pattern in the southeastern sky.

Soul Creek 6
Following the cloud pattern led me to this interesting tree-lined creek winding its way through these grape orchards.