Sequoia Field Airport by Paramotor

Sequoia: More then Big Trees

Sequoia Field is a sleepy little general aviation airport in the heart of Central California, but during WWII both Sequoia and nearby Rankin Field trained over 18,000 pilots towards the war effort. When seen from the air, former aspects of the field stand in stark contrast to its present day state.

Sequoia of Years PastThis is a short little aerial tour of the field (and the seemingly endless farmlands surrounding it) using my paramotor. I used three GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition cameras, two Canon DSLR’s, several tripods and a slider with dampening control to create this film. I shot the video in the winter of 2014. You can feel the climate of central California during this time of year, with the partially grey sky’s and overall brown landscape. It really doesn’t start to green up until the temperatures get warmer in late spring; until then the overnight temps fall below freezing and the greens burns beige. These 55F afternoon winter conditions make for all day flying though, as the thermals rarely start popping off (if at all) until late in the afternoon. Hence, it’s one of the best times of the year in central California to film from paramotors.

Sequoia Field in the 1940sSequoia Field is especially important to me as it’s where I learned to fly with a fan on my back. I will always remember it as my safe little place to learn in the heart of central California, a region abound with stunning views and fertile farm lands. One would think the field would be visited more often by full size aircraft but that’s just not the case; An unfortunate thing for all of aviation in general, but kind of a blessing when learning to fly a paramotor… Ironically. This is the reason that should I ever open a paramotor flight school, Sequoia Field will be it’s headquarters. Additionally, the airport is home to one of the Tulare Country Sheriff’s field offices and the former army barracks are now a Tulare County State prison. All this means that there’s plenty of emergency personnel on hand should God forbid I ever have a mishap alone out there – Yes the area is desolate but the airport tenants are trained in emergency life saving techniques, not something prevalent on the mind of every paramotor pilot mind you; Just mostly the newbies like I was in the beginning out there.