Gear Insights:

Shipping My Wing to it’s Annual

shipping the wings to it's annualThis is my entire 28M wing on the way to its annual inspection. It surprised me that I was able to get it into this 16″x16″x16″ box! Shipping from California to Idaho was $72.00 or so for UPS Ground with $2400.00 insurance. Without the insurance the amount to ship would have been somewhere down around the $20-$30 range. Annual inspections are required on a lot of wings. Some wings let you bypass it though in the first year of ownership. Either way, it’s a good thing to have done as the folks who do the inspecting will thoroughly check your wing for rips, tears, line strength, porosity, and general overall health. Line strength tests are interesting: They actually break one of your lines. The breaking tension is then measured against what the line is rated at new and from there an overall assessment can be made. You get the wing back with a detailed report including porosity numbers. Additionally, some shops vacuum out the wings as well, but none I know of clean them.