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Shoot Imagery from a Bird’s Perspective

Waking Up with the Birds: A Great Photo is Worth Getting Up Early For…

Even a bird gets exhausted, right? Waking up this morning was rather difficult after not getting more than about 6 hours of sleep. I had returned late last night after a weekend trip to Morro Bay to hang out with Team Fly Halo and their latest training class. We finished flying around 7pm, then had to pack up, which was followed by the usual goodbyes. So when my alarm went off at 4:15AM, I was less than happy to junp out of bed… In spite of the fact that the birds were already up, and the paramotor seemed to be literally calling my name from the garage. I knew I wanted to fly and capture that ultimate photo, but I was so tired. In addition, the reality I was having trouble digesting was that based on the weather forecast, this was going to be my only opportunity TO fly… It’s forecasted to hit 104F today! It’s not so much the heat mind you as it is the associated atmospheric mixing and turbulence that goes along with it. So, out of bed I went, and I’m glad I did now.

The birds are up. I have no excuses…

A Bird's Perspective - Hillside
I proceed to go right to Starbucks and sip on an Americano for an hour first though while catching up on the latest news and thinking of my photo pursuits. After that I decided to go to my semi-secret spot. I just wish I would have taken a photo of the ground around my truck at the launch site. It was covered in seasonal black stink bugs. Thousands of them. In addition there were grass hoppers everywhere. Between the two, getting off the ground and pronto was a top priority. I don’t want any bugs in my wing, as they can try to eat their way and and/or die in there. Eventually when I did get off the ground I was rewarded with the usual stunning views and freedom that only a paramotor can offer. I knew my photo would present itself soon.

Do birds complain this much?

A Bird's Perspective - Sumner Hill Road
Not only was I able to capture one winning photo, I captured three; but hopefully all of my imagery today captured the flight appropriately, showing that it was especially bright out there~ typical of a morning that’s about to give way to an exceedingly hot afternoon… Which it did. This day in Fresno actually turned out to be one of the hottest on record, a staggering 110F.A Bird's Perspective - ValleyTo be able to fly like the birds is a blessing…
Every time I’m airborne I’m reminded of why I take these flights, as well as every time I look at the imagery I’m able to capture up there. It’s such a rewarding way to live life, flying like the birds and sharing it with others. It’s my passion.