A Short Flight to O’Neals

Short Flights Aren’t Always Short in Adventure!

This is a short film of myself and my flying partner Ryan B. Smith, documenting a recent cross-country paramotor flight and the things we experienced on our journey both there and back. Our destination was a rolling hills & oak tree-lined valley in central California called O’Neals – Sort of a nickname given to it by my cycling partners and I as it’s a place we like to ride for its scenic beauty.

Chase Cam
In this video I am testing the 4th and final version of my chase cam, a custom design achieved through countless hours of trial and error (and considerable monetary outlay) until a suitable product was being delivered in the form of what I consider to be the most exceptionally smooth & stable video attainable from a non-gyro stabilized device, using only its aerodynamics and positive stability to achieve that goal. What’s remarkable is that at 3 feet long, the weight of this chase cam is only 12.6oz – Including a GoPro® Hero 3+ Black Edition in its case.

GoPro® Wrist Mount
Additionally, I built and am testing a new GoPro® wrist mount, which is different then the factory wrist mount in that it turns the camera 90 degrees, allowing for more versatile use among paraglider pilots as we are usually always sitting with our arms up to the brakes. If I can get the costs and logistics in order, I plan to offer this wrist mount for sale beginning in 2014.

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