A Short Little Aerial Tour Just North of Fresno, California

Who Ever Knew Fresno was this Pretty?

This is a video of a short little aerial tour just north of Fresno, California. Dr. Ed Lowder (Emergency Medicine / ER Room) and myself departed together on a 45 minute adventure that took us over rivers, ponds, farmlands, cliffs, and hillsides. We felt and experienced nature in a way that’s simply impossible without the powered paraglider.

Ed & Chris - A Short Little Aerial Tour Just North of Fresno, CaliforniaDr. Lowder is almost 65 years old and recently starting flying these wonderful machines. As you can see he is just all smiles!

Every flight is a new adventure, even for me after being into powered paragliding for a few years now. New sights, new sounds, new smells, and a new appreciation for the Earth and Man’s place in it pours out of my soul each and every time I land. Nothing else even comes close to a paramotor for the curious mind.