Two Epic Flights in Two days

In the last week or so we have flown two cross country flights both of which were epic. I am following Mike in this first shot. A Sony Nex-7 and 18-200mm lens was used to make the capture. The focal length was maxed out at 200mm, which, on the Nex-7’s cropped sensor equates to 300mm of zoom. I am actually about 3/4 mile behind Mike ~ Consequently everything looks compacted and Mike was a lot farther to this side from that road then this pic would lead you to believe. An f/5.6 aperture provides for some smooth bokeh and the harsh overhead sun doesn’t blow things out too much. Overall, this particular camera setup is quite pleasing where weight savings are concerned, as compared to a DSLR’s bulk especially for take off. However I do like the ruggedness of a pro-quality DSLR over the little Sony Nex.

Bird's Eye View
Here we are heading south bound down the King’s River. This was the next day’s adventure which had us witnessing some awesome scenery.

Following the King's River
A good overhead shot of Mike’s colorful red white and blue Ozone Rush wing, perfect for the forth of July.