Wildflowers Already Here!

It’s with great anticipation every year that we await the wild flowers here in Central California. Decidedly, there are few other locations that are as world-renowned as this place is for it’s annual display of colors. In fact, we even have a route you can take called the Blossom Trail to get the full impact of this place on your eyes, ears, and nose.


This year, I was surprised to find such an early bloom. The picture above was taken fairly close to my house with my iPhone 6+, and it foretells of great things to come for this season! Once the wild flowers start to bloom, we can also expect the orchard blooms to begin in full swing as well; They rival the wild flowers in majesty just due to the sheer volume of the orchards we have, as the region around here primarily relies upon agriculture as its main economy.

Dream Shot

This was a shot I captured from a couple of years ago. You can see why I look forward to spring every year!