Learning Experiences:

Team Fly Halo: High Quality Training


I recently had the opportunity to join Team Fly Halo on the sand over in Morro Bay for their winter / spring 2014 training session. Instructors Byron Leisek & Shane Denherder had a full class and on the day I was there the students were taking their first flights. It was a great group and you could see the infectious desire to fly in their eyes; One I remember that so permeated my soul when I was a new pilot and still does to this day. Heartfelt sense of accomplishments were had on the part of all those who soloed that day.

Getting ready to launch a student

Fly Halo stocks their equipment from the ranks of Gin, Dudek, Parajet, and Scout, among others…. Giving their students plenty equipment to choose from. I had the chance to fly the Dudek Universal in a 25m and was quite impressed with its inflight agility and customization options. _MG_0942

The beautiful Scout paramotor graces the sand. I was offered the chance to fly it but unfortunately wasn’t able to this time. It’s truly a work of art, both in its carbon construction and wonderment of mechanical engineering. _MG_0940-Edit-Edit

Shane teaching the basics of forward launching, while finessing the finer points here. _MG_0935

Last minute checks before launch. Student: Jonathan Hart _MG_0931

A Bailey 4-stroke on the Parajet Zenith in candy apple red highlights can’t help but make you hungry for one_MG_0924

Byron explaining the finer points of engine operation _MG_0920

A 10-15mph wind provided plenty of good kiting experience_MG_0918

At the end of the day we went for dinner where some great stories were told and many laughs were had by all. Team Fly Halo puts a lot of attention into the finer details which makes for a very comprehensive learning experience. Byron and Shane are clearly dedicated to their craft and it shows!

Stay tuned for a podcast with Shane I have in the works on the finer points of no wind forward launches!